Why brands are pulling out of retail

Ragtrader recently did a feature on the And Now This featured brand Watson x Watson's experience with wholesale accounts.

Liberty from Watson x Watson shares her decision on why they took the the decision to pull out of all wholesale channels to add more retails stores to their Military road flagship in Mosman and grow their online store.

Liberty says, "The biggest challenge facing our business used to be cash flow but now with two Watson x Watson retail stores cash flow is no longer an issue. When we were wholesaling and had cash flow issues we found sending posh boxes of chocolates with a note saying 'It would be sweet if you could pay us' rather than an angry phone call from a debt collector worked wonders".

"Through dealing with our customers directly in a retail store we can apply all of our kindness directly to our customers".

"Our product is wholeheartedly Australian made. That in itself in the fashion industry is rare these days. I think style wise what differentiates us is that we don't overdo the styling. Our pieces are classics, staple items, investment pieces. They have a timelessness to them it's not loud fast fashion it's sophisticated and special."